Shaun Hevey

April 13, 2022
By Shaun Hevey

While developing a Shortcut in the new Shortcuts application for macOS, I ran into a bug that made editing the Shortcut almost impossible. So this post will quickly explain the issue and how suggestion on how I worked around it.

December 21, 2021
By Shaun Hevey

If you have read many of my older posts, you will see that I am a fan of automation, and a great way to automate on iOS and now macOS is to use the built-in Shortcuts application. I will go through an issue I found while trying to add custom Shortcuts actions to my iOS application.

December 12, 2021
By Shaun Hevey

I have just started exploring GitHub actions, and in this post, I will talk about an error I came across trying to build a .NET application and how I fixed it.

December 05, 2021

For a while now, I have been seeing people talk about how they are loving Blazor, so in the last week or two, I have been playing around with it, and for now I am still enjoying it 😀. In the post today, I will talk about how you can expose the query string to your Blazor components.

November 28, 2021
By Shaun Hevey

In this post, I wanted to take a quick look at how you can get started with the newly released with .NET 6, which is ASP.NET Core minimal API. What is a minimal API, you might be wondering? Well, it is a new way to write your ASP.NET API endpoints with very little ceremony.

November 10, 2021
By Shaun Hevey

With the release of .NET 6, I have started thinking about finally properly playing around with MAUI even though it is still in preview. This is to see what building a cross-platform application with both Blazor and native components is like. With that in mind, I decided to go and have a look at how to install the preview bits of .NET MAUI.

November 07, 2021
By Shaun Hevey

Every once in a while, I am amazed by some fantastic developer that changes my mind about what I can achieve on my iPhone or iPad. This is usually because they have made an application that I would have thought would never make it through Apple and their reviewers. One of these developers is Nicolas Holzschuch, and the application they have created called a-Shell

October 31, 2021

In this post, I will discuss another little feature that you might be unaware of available in most major browsers called MediaRecorder.

October 25, 2021
By Shaun Hevey

In this post, I will show you how to take an SVG file and turn it into a PNG. Before diving into how you convert and SVG, let's look at SVG and PNG file formats.

October 17, 2021
By Shaun Hevey

For those that use JetBrains Rider to develop your .NET applications, in this post, I have three tips and tricks that you might not have known about to help improve your productivity.